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Winter Running Gear


As a regular runner, good winter running gear is essential. Most of the time, winter running jackets or pants are quite expensive but it’s worth to invest in a highy quality outfit which you can use for many years. It is important that the gear is comfortable, has at least one pocket (which comes in handy for your keys etc.) & is wind resistent. The top running brands like Odlo, Asics and Nike offer those high quality and performance clothing. My running jacket and pants are for example from Asics. My sports underwear is from Odlo and my gloves from a no name brand. You can directly tell the difference as they already have a hole. Thus, I can strongly recommend to invest in good running clothes. It is definitely worth the money.

What types of running gear do you need for very cold temperatures?
First of all, you need a running jacket and pants which contain wind-stopper material. This type of material is breathable and windproof as the naming already indicates but not necessarily waterproof. I made the experience that it is not vital for running to have waterproof clothing because no one really starts to run when it is strongly raining outside or when you already see some clouds. For very cold times, it is recommendable to have thermal underwear (at least a shirt). The advantage is that you only need to wear two layers, the underwear and the jacket and you will not freeze! In the pictures above you can see my white shirt from Odlo. Furthermore, the (outer) running gear should contain some photoluminscent strips. In the pictures above (especially in the second one in front of the lake), you can see these strips glowing. After 5 o’clock, it is already pretty dark outside but with these glowing strips, I am pretty much recognizable for cars. Furthemore, running gear generally should fit rather tightly than loose as it will bother you when running long distances.

What is your favourite winter running gear???

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