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Introducing the Paleo diet: A healthy new eating trend

Hello, all you diet addicts out there! Hereby I shall introduce the Paleo diet. But guess what: The Paleo diet is supposed to be one of the most healthiest diets which has ever been out there. At least that is what everyone tells me. 

Ok, starting from the beginning. The Paleo diet is right now the “hottest” or “healthiest” trend out there among all the diets. Many celebs like Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and so on are doing it with joy. The Paleo springs up from the word Paleolithic era which was a time period from about two and a half millions ago. It was an era where our ancestors hunted for fresh foods which included fresh meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, oils, seeds and nuts. As you know, processed food did not exist during that time nor refined sugars and dairy products. Hence, the paleo diet is all about eating healthy and mainly eating these types of things which the “wild hunters” would eat.

On the left you can see the food pyramid with regards to Paleo. Your main source of nutrition and protein should be meat, eggs and fish. The meat should be of high quality and the other products certainly, too. What is missing on the pyramid are any types of diary products, wheat or grains. No milk, No yoghurt, no bread! And sugar is also cut at all. Alcohol is also not “allowed” during that diet. Nonetheless, Paleo is not really a diet which you follow for a couple of weeks but rather a lifestyle as you have to completely change your whole style of eating and living. 

Does it work? Paleo in real life:
My boyfriend is also trying the Paleo diet right now. I have to admit that it is definitely harder than we thought. We are both very healthy eaters and I try to avoid bread, sugars and alcohol as much as I can, anyways. So for me, the diet is not really a change but for my boyfriend it is pretty tough. He had to cut his beloved spaghetti and also cutting bread was the most difficult challenge for him. He also didn’t feel very well for the first week so I think that it really depends on the person how well you take it. Nonetheless, he is still following it. His goal is not to loose weight but to just feel overall better and healthier. I will tell you in a couple of weeks how it turned out. Below you can see some pics of the healthy Paleo pancakes we made just recently for breakfast. It is crazy, they just contain coconut flour, eggs and baking soda and tasted very well.

Above you can see a pic from my last holiday with my most favourite sweets at all: Frozen Yoghurt!! That had to be cut too (my biggest loss;)).
Have you tried Paleo already or are you following any type of special diet?
What is your key to stay slim and healthy?
Have a great day!


Eat Clean with Quinoa Sushi- Dinner for 8

Here, I gave a little presentation before dinner on the advantages of quinoa;))
Yummy healthy sushi!

                                                                    Hello my dears,

time for some great, yummy and healthy cooking again:=). Two weeks ago, a lovely girlfriend of mine showed me a great recipe for making healthy sushi which she found on another blog “project for healthy living“. We thought it would be a great idea to try it out as it looked really easy to make and tasty as well. I honestly always thought that making sushi is very difficult and takes a loads of time. Nonetheless, this recipe showed us differently. I also found a similar recipe in Attila Hildmann’s book “Vegan for fit” which I already wrote about. Hence, I will make some kind of a summary of both recipes and tell you what I think is important. You can surely always mix using different types of vegetables, rice or quinoa depending on your taste. The sushi turned out be so easy to make & god-heavenly yummy;) that I wanted to make a larger dinner for 3 other couples which my boyfriend and I got many invites before and who are also very good cookers. So, the pressure was on:). I just used the amount of ingredients for 2 people and more or less multiplied it with 4 to serve sushi to 8 p.

Quinoa Sushi for 2 persons ( for 8 p. multiply with 4)–> everyhting bought in a bio supermarket:

  • 200 g. tofu 
  • 1/2 cup of quinoa
  • nuts puree
  • 1/2 package of nori leafs
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 / 4 cucumber 
  • 1/2 Avocado 
  • soy sauce 
  • Wasabi

First of all, you boil the quinoa for appr. 20 min in hot water. On its package it is described how much water you have to use for a certain amount. While the quinoa is cooking, you cut the vegetables in long, thin pieces. If you want to have more variety you can surely add other types of veggies. Then, you shortly fry the tofu in a pan until it turns slightly brown. When the quinoa is done, you mix it with two to three tablespoons of nuts puree to add some flavour.

After that, you put the sushi roll’s surface (the nori leaf) on a bamboo mat. You put the quinoa on the very front, make it flat and put some stripes on wasabi on it. On top, you put the vegetables and then roll the nori leaf into a sushi roll. After that you cut it into pieces. First sushi roll done! Isn’t that easy?

Ähhh ….this is was the kitchen looked liked afterwards…

Decorating the table
Helllo everyone, here is Julietta the cook!
Is the tofu ready?

Dinner is served!

The dinner turned out to be so much fun and everyone was so sweet about it. So, I hope that you got a little inspired and kinda lost the fear to make a dinner for a huge group (everyone can do it;)).

Have a great week and tell me when you tried out that sushi or can recommend some other healthy recipe!