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Biggest sports fair: ISPO 2014

Last week, one of the biggest sports fair took place in Munich, named ISPO which is the abbreviation for “International sportswear and fashion”. I was impressed. There were so many halls with various booths of fashion and sport retailers, manufactures of sport appliances and so on. The halls were clustered after certain themes. My favourite one was the “health and fitness area”. Stromberg (who is a German cook-more or less famous;)) introduced there various types of health foods and the green juice. It seems to be that you cannot get out of the way of green juices! There are so many recipes out there, celebs drink it, even my mum just started mixin’ it every morning. By the way, she highly recommends it. I will try it out soon & surely will tell you about my experience. Moreover, I met at the ISPO one of my favourite fitness idols: Johanna Fellner. You can check her out on her website: http://johannafellner.de/ She also writes for the fitness magazine Shape. In my opinion, she has one of the best bodies ever, comes across so sympathetically, and has a great philosophy about keeping a healthy lifestyle and even develops her own functional fitness programms.You can see some pics of her below.
So, the main question arises….What are THE hottest trends? 
Well, there were several innovations introduced with regards to winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and so on which are not necessarily in my main area of interest;). For example, there was a new technology introduced against avalanches called JetForceTechnology. It is some kind of instant rescue which helps you to get constant air in case of an avalanche. Nonetheless, the trends which I found very interesting were
1. Functional training ( TRX , for example)
2.  Measuring fitness watches/ instruments
Funtional training implies training the acitivities or movements performed in daily life. It is basically the opposite of going to the gym, using the machines where you mostly only train one or two muscle-groups. TRX standing for Total Resistance eXercise is one of example of it. The workout consists of hanging or gripping the legs in the straps and performing the moves. You can easily work on every muscle group. The other advantage is that you can basically carry your gym around. The straps are very light and you can hang them in your apartment, outside where there is little space. The second trend which I mentioned is mainly the technology that you can use to punctually measure your fitness level and movements. It is made for people who want to get the exact result of their training. So for example, there are sport watches which measure every move you made during the day. I am a fan of those technologies but already have a very good sport watch which measures every kilometer. Without it, I couldn’t have done my Marathon Running training.
So, enough talking! Check out the pics now;)!

Enjoying the green juice
Almonds are the new chocolate!
CEP Running Socks- ♥ the pink ones

Fitness tower- you can perform all kinds of exercise on this machine–crazy

Johanna Fellner in action :)

Johanna & me

Starting with TRX–Heels are not really helpful!

Getting in the correct position

Working together

Short version” of TRX-the shorter strap

Colorful fitness apparel- like the pants very much

Nice running outfits from Falke

My mantra!

Where is the icebear?

Hey, my eyes hurt! 

Hometrainer made out of wood

                     I hope you got an impression what the ISPO was all about. Sports, Fun, Sports…….!

                                                                    Cheers, XOXO

Teaser ISPO 2014!


                                                                   Dear sporties,

Last Sunday, I went to the ISPO which is one of the biggest sports fair. I honestly have to say that it was the best fair I have ever gone to. EVERYWHERE all kind of sports, sports clothing, sports & gym equipment, sporty people :)

Above you see a little video which I made while visiting the different booths. I will post a more detailed report with lots of pics soon…………

                                                                 Talk/Write to you soon,
                                                                        Love Julietta  ♥