Anti-Aging for your hair

When I am looking for good, new hair products, I don’t necessarily search in Germany but mostly in UK online shops. For some reason, I have the feeling that the latest trends are mostly introduced in the UK or United States. Nonetheless, as I was searching through some UK online shops for new hair products, I found the product above: The Anti-Aging overnight hair rescue which repairs while you sleep from Alterna. I never heard of that brand before but the overnight rescue against anti-aging sounded very appealing to me (as I already noticed some strands of grey hair!). Furthermore, I prefer overnight or leave-in conditioners as this is the easiest and least time-consuming way for me to treat my long hair. For daily use, I use the absolut repair masque by L’Oréal. It works for me but for a really deep hair treatment you have to leave the masque in longer than 2 or 3 minutes and I am never really that patient. Hence, I thought that the overnight rescue works as a good supplement. I ordered it online and received it last week.

As it can be seen in the pictures, my hair is really long and naturally dry. I colour it every three to four month which additionally damages it. Furthermore, I don’t get my ends cut regularly because firstly, I’d like my hair to grow long and secondly, hair salons in Munich are very expensive and you always pay for a whole cut, also when only cutting your ends.

In addition to that, I often used a curling iron. I don’t curl my hair that often anymore because it got strongly damaged. Despite using heat protecting treatments or other products, the heat will split your ends in the long-run when you have natural dry hair. At least, that has been my experience:(.

On the website of Alterna, there is a link to a YouTube Video where the product is tested and explained in detail. If you are interested for a detailled description of its ingredients, the video is very helpful and provides deep insight. In a nutshell, the masque contains mico-sized hair proteins & amino acids which deeply repair damaged hair and prevents future breakage. As I just got the product, I only used it twice yet, but I can already recommend it. First of all, the bottle looks and feels very professional and of good quality (far from cheap plastic). You only need a quarter-size small amount and apply it to your dry hair. I applied it on my whole hair but you can especially work it in the ends. Then, I made a bun and just went to bed. It didn’t leave any stains on the pillows. In the morning, I used shampoo to wash it out. The result was softer hair with extra shine. I can already recommend it. Nonetheless, I will make some “after” pics in a couple of weeks, so that you can really see the difference before using the anti-aging rescue and after.

The products costs around 30 EUR (100 ml) and is available in many online stores, for example:



What is your favourite hair product?

                                                              A great week to you all,
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